Thursday, 2 August 2007

rUnNing tOgether....

Last night Aug 1, 2007 o.O. and I did a short 5mile run around Legazpi Village Makati. It was a shorty run enough for us to pump up the pace a bit. The only worry that we both had was if we were going to be able to wake up in time for our first VRun at 430am Well.... here goes my very first attempt to document my LSD training with

E-rod :: TBR :: o.O :: HitMe

Even if o.O made rounds in Makati our paths didn't cross this time. :) It's been ages since I've played around with video editing.... so, forgive my ignorance and lack of style. hehehehe


And here's my revised route. Dang! I really should have that 305 with me! hehehehe I lost 1 mile with my revision. :( For a detailed view click here.


Jaymie said...

Woooaaah Ben! Way too cool! I'm talking about both the video and your long run (or is that just a short one for you?) I'm sure we'll get a lot more people to join our virtual run when they see this. Parang commercial hehehe. Just one question: how did you shoot yourself?

stephruns said...

Huh, it really was dark!!! Love the camera and also your top banner!!!

ren said...

pre, ang galing mong mag-video ng sarili mo ah. at hindi camera shy, hehe! i was a little worried at the early part when you're running in the dark sa gilid ng kalye, and cars are zooming by. pero naisip ko na nai-post mo yung video so hindi ka mababangga, hehe!

e-rod said...

dude, that was a cool recap. got the vids and everything. you even laid down some soundtrack over it. i like the sounds of the city streets, especially the tricycle in the beginning and the taxi that almost ran you over.

let's see, jaymie runs with her coach, hitme with his pa, and you have a camera crew tagging along? :)

so were you doing the blair witch look for effect? j/k.

cool run. just don't get yourself killed running in traffic. that should be called extreme training run. good job, ben.

bEnMChAn said...

jaymie: This route will be the starting point for my LSD training. then ill add nalang a couple of KMs every 2 weeks. I still have enough time to prepare for Dec 2. :) all my shots were handheld. Using my sucky Ericson 1megapixel phone cam. I can't use my P&S camera since it has a retractable lens. Not good if you accidentaly turned in on while its in the case. It'll trash the whole lens assembly. That's why i resorted to my ever lovable phone. :)

Stephruns: Yup! it was dark, and i forgot that my phone had a fill-in light. hahahahahaha I guess i was really nervous at 430am! hahaha

ren: Nope, not really camera shy... hehehehehe im a photographer remember. :D oh and as the saying goes.... "only in the Philippines" That's why i can run along the hiway and even take the kalayaan flyover! hehehehe

e-rod: I was tempted to edit the ambient noise out, but it seems to give out more feel to the "urban running" thingy. hehehehe and plus, you don't get to hear tricycles and jeepneys so i guess it'll remind you more of how it is here in the PI.

Guys, I was supposed to do this vid thing during the KOTR run... unfortunately.... i woke up late! hehehehehehehehehe At least now, i got it started. and my editing and shooting skills will definitely improve. Let's see if i can do some more of this.

o.O said...

if only i knew that you would shoot your run.. i would've made my route cross yours!!

para nakasama ako sa vid! hehe.
i'll definitely look out on our next runs, if your shooting again with your phonecam! :)

ren said...

shooting yourself while running, maybe you should change your blog's name to Narcissist On The Run =)

Tuny said...

Hehehe, galing. Sige konti pa maiinggit na ako and I will wear my running shoes again(to run! not para maglakwatsa!)

bEnMChAn said...

I still couldn't figure out what i should video. Myself of my legs! hehehehehehehehehe there, I'm being a full fledge Narcissist. hehehe

Ton! tara takbo na!