Tuesday, 13 May 2008

RunnerProfile:: Jaymie Pizarro (theBullRunner)

If you don't know who the BullRunner is, then you aren't addicted to running as most of the regular visitors here. Regardless if you are a newbie, comeback runner, super addicted runner, schedule lurker, or plainly just a STALKER I'm sure that you are a contributor to the ever growing visitor hits of the theBullRunner's site.

It seems that my mind isn't working on the text part again. Believe me, I have scratched more than 2 dozens of lines already and so I'll just let my takes do the talking.

And in case the weather doesn't cooperate with her training schedule. This is how she rolls......


Marga said...

ang gandaaaaaaaa!!! :D

talagang shy talaga the kids o! :p

ben sana di mahal talent fee mo kapag kinomission kita for some projects ha!

banggigay said...

aba aba! the sonnet este the bullrunner is the rockstar this time! :-)

i especially like shots #9,10 cuz i fancy women with cuts ;-)

& #12 for tbr is more more than anything else a mum, who happens to enjoy running as well!

galing mo bentot! isa kang alamat!;-)

rorenz said...

peborit ko yung last pic. sa bahay! haha. nice set!

syempre lahat na ba nagtatanong sa'yo? .. "kelan ako?" :)

Jaymie said...

Ben, thanks for the nth time for the shots! All the sprints you made me do were well worth it!

Don't forget us when you start shooting Lance and Haile, ok? :)

maui said...

soliiid! ang galing eh! the last photo is really priceless.. hanep! :)

Jan said...

Wow! galeng tbr! :)

Gusto ko rin yung last shot. Sarap magtrain sa bahay. hehehe.

Anonymous said...


Really cool shots! Are you going to release the pics from Champions run?

Zorro would be a good subject too.


chaia said...

woot woot! ang galeeng!

Now with the captured images we can stalk TBR with her form on how she does hers speeds ;-)!

pwede n talaga pang commercial model!

Anonymous said...

Like I told Jaymie... parang pang Runners World yung mga kuha mo!!!

Great Job!

ricky santillan said...

Hahaha. It is just so weird for me kasi the first time I met Jaymie (and she probably doesn't remember) baby pa siya sa Libra street.

That must expose how old I am. Good to see that the passion for running though is timeless.

gen said...

great pics po :)
i saw you sa champion run holding your dslr but nahiya pong lumapit hehe i'm an amatuer photographer din kasi baka makakuha ng tips hehe :)

caloyb said...

these pictures - and the other ones you did on your runner’s profile series - would make wonderful materials for an inspirational calendar for runners. i bet that would have a pretty good market. :)

rick said...

great shots! TBR in action.

RunningShield said...

Great shoots Ben.
When shall you have your exhibit?

Vince said...


This will definitely inpire us runners to improve our form. Para pagkinunan mo eh matuwa naman si Coach Rio.

Miss ko na uphill run natin bro. Magaling na hamstring ko. Timberland time na. hahaha

sfrunner said...

Hi Ben. Wanted to compliment you not only on the blogs but also the photos. They're both excellent!

I'm hoping to be in the Philippines for vacation in the fall. Continued success. - Wayne