Sunday, 16 March 2008

Exodus Run 03-15-08

The tequila was surely tempting last night. Follow it with that oh so icy cold San Mig Light! AhhhhhhhhhH!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Coach Rio!

Truth is.... I slowly excused myself from the table (thank you Mel for the phonecall!) and hid inside the house for a minute before finally saying goodbye to all the folks there in the party.

Then totoy(h@ppyFeet wicked fast senior member) sent me an SMS.

"Ben & JoAr, See you tomorrow at the Exodus 5km run."

Hmmmmmmmm....... was this a goodnight, sleeptight message???? Well, it can also mean let's race tomorrow right?! This time I didn't mind the message and just proceeded with my usual pre-race rituals.

I got up at 430am and was at Ultra Track Oval by 5:05am It was the first time that I saw the whole stadium lighted that early. I saw Totoy lining up the registration tent picking up our race packets. Once we got our packets we headed back to our cars and changed to our running gear.

I went to my usual corner at the track, near where the archery targets are kept, and started my usual warm-up routine at the 100m straightaway. I wasn't really feeling confident and was already on panic mode since JoAr was no where to be found. Thanks to the tequila and beer last night I guess. hehehehehe

Well, I finished my warm-up with a 400m walk and by this time Samboy Lim, the guest of honor of the event, finished his pre-race pep talk signaling the start of the race.

I knew the route since JoAr and I regularly use this short route for our Tempo training runs. I also knew that this won't be an easy and PR race for me. Although the route is blessed with quite a number of fast downhill sections, It is also cursed with tons of uphill and finishing it with a killer heartbreak 200m 45degree incline.


I made a really easy start, seeding myself on the 5th row already. I took the steep exit really slow and just focused on the speedy downhill from Meralco Ave all the way to Julio Vargas Ave. Coach(on his motrobike) joined me just right outside the Ultra stadium. I made my first race move once I got to Meralco Ave. First 150m push.

Then once I was at the Julio Vargas steep downhill, I remembered what they were all saying...... "Itapon mo lang sa harap!" I guess I was doing it correctly this time that I never heard that phrase during the whole race.

I saw the first water station just before we hit C5 Ave. I grabbed a cup and just proceeded on route. By this time I can still see the next runner about 20m ahead of me I can still manage to push and get him but I knew that I have to stick to my race plan and just maintain pace, recover and get ready for the final ascent and have enough left for a good last kick.

Midway at the last incline, I felt it again. Just like how I felt during training. Legs slowly getting heavier and heavier, my throat felt like it was being slowly squeezed and I was feeling in serious Vomit Mode again.

Jo splashed some icy cold Tequila, err..... I mean water on my back and he kept shouting words that I can't understand anymore. All I can imagine was that short 50m flat and the last remaining 600m downhill leading to the finish chute. Surprisingly I recovered really fast on that incline attempt and didn't even suffer the usual side stitch pain. I was again just throwing my feet up front. I can still feel that I was able to push on well. I got to the finish line in a not so fast finish time.

Exodus Run 5km: 21:20 5th overall.

Again sorry for the lack of visuals. Next target race is the Mizuno 5km event on the 30th. I'm hoping it's a fast course. See you there!


The Pidjanga of Mainit, Surigao del Norte said...

Congrats Ben. Ayan, top 5 na. Hehehe! Zimm

chaia said...

the flush!

oops i mean the flash!
flush kung nagkataon natequila at mapartey ka! ;-) Congrats!

Tech Spec said...

5th overall.. Congrats bro!

I'm now believing that intervals will really make you fast. Unfortunately, intervals is the only workout I fear the most (and I try to avoid it). I'd normally do a tempo run and skip that scary interval.

Btw, I read your post about the track session you guys plan to do. Can I join you guys on your track workouts maybe one of this week?

Jaymie said...

Congrats Ben for being 5th place---and for not puking heehee!

e-rod said...

5th overall. not bad. not bad. u making your mom proud, eh? do i hear top 3 at mizuno? :)

Mark P said...

Ben Congrats - yes That is a tough course with the uphill at the tail end.

caloyb said...

considering the course as you described it (hills) and the tequila and beer the night before, that was a good run! padayon, bai! (as we say down here in the south) keep at it!

banggigay said...

woooow ben! you just get better every run!!!

kaya pala we hardly jam na e...ibang level ka na kase :-) hang-out naman tau dude!

and yeah eric was right, top 3 on infinity run?? *pressure* hahahah!

bEnMChAn said...

Thanks guys!

It just so happens that all the elite runners where not present last sunday. :) And I'm really sure that Mizuno won't be the place to race for a place on the top 10 spot. Hence, I'll be trying to beat my own 5km PR once more. Hopefully with Fort Boni's fast course I can make it just before the clock hits 19:00minutes.

Taki: There's a problem with the scheduling of the track day meet. SMS me nalang if you want to join me in Ultra i'm there M-W-F.