Sunday, 9 March 2008

DND Gintong Pangarap 2008 Race

Last December Joms, Jaymie and I raced the DND relay 21km race and we snagged 3rd place. This time I around, since Joms is nowhere to be found and Jaymie is racing Pinay In Action along side her son, I went on my own and again settled for another 5km fast one.

I had a hard time looking for a good parking space at 5am. This surely was a good sign that the race was going to be well attended. Immediately I tried to look for Coach Jo since he was the one who registered me for this race. Turns out, he's quite busy for the day. Since he was the one in charged of all the race packets. When I got my pack and last minute instructions from him I just made sure that I was well warmed up for the race.

5minute slow jog on the tarmac
2 x 30m High knees extensions
2 x 30m Butt kick
2 x 30m High Knees
2 x 30m leg raise
Stretching routine
5minute slow jog

At exactly 6:00am the gun race started for the 21km event. As the runners left, We(5km runners) were called in for check-in. And also exactly 15minutes after the gun start fired again. I wasn't on the first row of runners on the starting grid and so it was really hard again to get a good start. It's really hard to keep or at least establish the right pace when you're stuck in the middle of overly excited runners.

I have to thank the bald runner for having this race really well prepared and organized. Water station, route marshals, and KM Markers were present at the race. I was able to monitor my pace because of this nifty detail along the route.

When I reached the 1st marker time check registered a good 3:20. Upon reaching the west gate of Villamor Airbase I just glided along a relatively relaxed pace. 2nd Marker registered 8:00. And then I felt that I struggled a bit in the 3rd km, I relaxed while getting a drink and splash. and relaxed again when I got my turn-around loop tag. I missed getting a time check for the 3rd km(dang! I really need a garmin) But I knew where the last km marker what made me get a ran faster was that time check registered at only 15:35.

I passed by 2 runners on the last uphill section of the course. And made my way on the next 6man pack. I knew I had to gather what ever is left of my endurance and just pour it all in the last kilometer. Good thing was that It was downhill all the way to the finish. I knew the layout of the finish chute but I didn't put into consideration that we need to make a small look inside the parade grounds. I managed to maintain pace and finish with no barfing nor fainting incidents.

Unofficial Time: 19:09minutes

Ok now I'm going back to training.


bald runner said...

ben, thanks for the nice comment and observations..congratulations for another fast run! good luck & see you soon! BaldRunner

caloyb said...

wow! a 19:09 5k! inggit ako! i wish i could do something like that... but looks like it's a far-fetched dream at my age. :)

congrats, ben! nice run!

Tech Spec said...

Biblis ah... Congrats Ben!

e-rod said...

dude, you are fast. i gotta put in more speedwork.

Jaymie said...

19 mins without barfing! Woohoo! Congrats Ben! What are you running at Mizuno?

bEnMChAn said...

jovie: Will see you soon too sir!

caloy: :) wasn't able to train for a week cause of all the work. I am now suffering the consequences of my deed. everything aches! hehehehehe You can still manage a good and strong finish time. It just takes a lot of practice and hard work(outs) hehehehe

taki: Thanks taki! Not as fast though as your 4:05 42km finish. :)

Eric: I told you, you'll love speed work. If you got hooked on the distance thing, You'll surely like the shorties. :)

Jaymie: Yup! I was surprised also. I had enough power left for a really good final kilometer push. This was a first for me. Will still be doing the 5km event. I still have got to get that crazy target time of mine.

Marga said...

super ben!!! :) you better run instead of shoot at the mizuno run! :) wanted to do the 5k there too but i was at la union. lagi na lang ako wala sa tuwing may takbo sa area namin!