Monday, 4 June 2007

Mapping it out!

Im so used to running time-based. This is why i am so wanting to get my hands on that Garmin Forerunner 305! Now, thanks to Doc Brent, i think i might be able to on hold to my moolah a bit longer. Doc Brent suggested that i try this new site

The site helps you out on plotting your running route and gives you the equivalent distance either in miles or km. I tried mapping out our group's usual running route in makati. Oh my god! I thought that we were already doing at least a 5km loop. To my surprise it wasn't even close to 4km! hehehehe It only means that we need to revise our route in order to cover at least 5km in a single loop. :) That my friends is now at the works. I will be plotting usual routes in the metro and will be saving and publishing it here. I just hope that no crazy thief is reading my blog!

Here's the link for our initial running route in makati

here's a good 5km route.


Jaymie said...

Hey ben, nice new header :)

Checked out your route. It looks so long I cant believe it's just 3k!

How did you create the route? I'm trying to create my alabang route but there aren't any labels, so it's a bit difficult to use.

bEnMChAn said...

I was feeling a bit creative (kuno) yesterday, that's why i was able to change it. :)

The first link at the bottom of my post is the 3.6km route. Pero i made an update the bottom link 5.4km sya. And Pao and I were able to try it out last night. Its good to plan ahead and try it out. At least now i know exactly how long my run is. and if im slacking my pace. hehehe

The hard part is looking for the place. Philippines is not yet mapped out by streets. So you have to change the view first to the actual view. Then you will have to look for landmarks near your place in alabang. just trace and connect the dots. Super easy.It even gives out and estimate of elevation. :)

e-rod said...

thanks for sharing that site. i tried to put a running route close by but apparently there's a limit to the number of points (75) one can put...a bit problematic when the route has a lot of twists and turns. i like how it also shows you the elevation profile.

btw i like the header too. it's inspiring me to put one up also (if i can figure it out).

bEnMChAn said...

your welcome e-rod!

Yep I did make one with alot of twists and i ended up redoing the whole thing. :)

I envy jaymie's and michelle's blog that's why I made a new header.

Jaymie said...

I want to change my header too but maybe when I get better photos. Ben, for you that won't be a problem, unless you want photos of yourself hehe.

Wow, it's going to be a challenge for me to trace my alabang route. No landmarks just houses! Let me try again.

E-rod, maybe you're having a hard time because your route is 50k? haha

ren said...

hey, this is cool! i didn't know about until today. i mapped out my usual running route just to try it. here it is...

ren said...

sorry, i can't help but plot my favorite 5K loop in the downtown river valley. switch to satellite view to appreciate =)

keep running!

bEnMChAn said...

hey ren! im glad it has served you well. :)

As e-rod says, we're lucky that our routes are mostly straights, cause its only limited to 72 points.

keep on running mate!