Thursday, 30 August 2007

Long rUN INcreMent #4

I started with 14km as my base distance for my Long Run sessions. Today I did my 4th increment and finish my 22km run still on the same amount of time that I intended to do my long run sessions 2 hours. I still did the same route only this time I passed by the same 4km added route at the start of my run.

I guess this video can summarize the only difference this time around.

note: jump to 00:45 seconds on the timeline to get the message.

I only learned that VR#6 was canceled yesterday. Eric, i hope your grandma is ok. Banggi, you have got to get some rest girl! Was there anyone out there who still did their run today????? Or am I the only OC runner that hitMe mentioned? :D anyway, I hope next week I'll have more company.


caloyb said...

nice run there. i did a 10k as scheduled. finished it at 53:28.62. see you on the next vr. :)

bEnMChAn said...

Caloy: Nice training run! I might not run that far though this coming thursday. since i need to taper a bit for my sunday half marathon. baka mag 12km light run lang ako then bike lang on friday. :)