Friday, 29 June 2007

2 more nights till my next h@lf...

Geeeeez..... 2 more sleepless nights. and to top it all, I haven't had a good training since I got the flu due to some personal things that i had to attend to. So here I am, wanting to set a PR for my 21k yet really disappointed at myself for slacking on my training. Oh and my mom(a sprinter in her younger years) isn't going to be able to make it on Sunday to see me run. :(

My only source of inspiration right now is the kimbia documentary series. :D Yup! Im still watching it! And even trying out their running form. :) I just hope i turn 5shades darker and about 30lbs lighter before KOTR.

See you all on Sunday! and watch out for my new blog entry next week! :)


e-rod said...

hey bro. how did you do?

bEnMChAn said...

New PR eric!


Getting close to my target time! 1:30:00 bwahahahaha I want my BQ by December!