Tuesday, July 31, 2007

vR rUning partNers !!!

I got an invite from Eric to do a VRun with him and hitme. So how does the VRun work???

The group runs at the same time : Aug 2, 2007 4:30AM Manila Time
and will be doing a 6mi/10km training run.

Our training run will be breaking the space and time continuum as if we are all running on the same street, same pace at the same time. Hey! do I hear Hiro Nakamura talking???? :)

Eric: Orange County, CA Route
HitMe: Quezon City Route
Jaymie: Alabang Treadmill Route
Me: Metro Manila-Makati BCD Route

I hope more blogging-runners join in the fun! :)

For a detailed look at my route click here


Tuny said...

Hmmm.. Interesting. 430AM dyan? 830AM here. 10K? Uhh, pang kiddie run na lang ata ako eh, hehehe.

Unknown said...

haha...i like that "breaking the time space continuum" concept. we have another blogger/runner on board... gretchen of northern cal will be running on the sammamish river bike path in the seattle, wa area.

o.O said...

wuhooo! sali ako!
going 10k na in the morning..

wait, at what time during the run do you want to do that race pace?! hehehe

banggigay said...
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banggigay said...

si hitme lakas din manginggit, dumagdag ka pa! waaah! pramis di ko talaga kaya gumising ng 4am. boo! :(

bEnMChAn said...

tuny! I hope you can make it on our Vrun! para naman we have a bud running down down under! hehehe

erod: yup i saw her comment on your blog. Im glad there's more people on board.

renz: race pace at the last 50meters lang bro. that's all i can do. hahahaha

banggi: tara na kasi.... take some pills, or chug down a bottle of wine by 6pm tonite para you can get some good 'ol snooze. Promise... i'll wake you up at 4am. just leave your number. :D

Running Fr33man said...

Hi Benmchan,

Pls. Include me on the list.


Anonymous said...

awwshh! please include me!
i did the wrong time of the day i was on those biglaang business trip.. i did do it in the treadmill!!
when's the next?